Exam Prep

Obstetrical, Pelvic & Renal Ultrasound Prep

A FULL BLADDER IS ESSENTIAL for these examinations. If the instructions are not followed, another appointment will have to be made.

You may eat regular meals.

One and a half hours (90 min) before your appointment time, drink 32 oz. of water (4 large glasses).
The water MUST BE FINISHED one hour before your appointment time.
**DO NOT go to the washroom until after your examination.**

RENAL ULTRASOUND - need only drink 20 oz. of water
Allow 30 minutes for the exam.

Important Note about Children

For the safety of your children please arrange to leave them at home, or bring someone to watch them in the waiting room while you go for your ultrasound.

Perfume Free

Please note that due to staff allergies our clinics are PERFUME-FREE FACILITIES. Thank you.

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