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Diagnostic mammography is an x-ray exam of the breasts used to further examine a concern detected by physical exam or routine screening mammography. For screening mammography please contact the Screening Mammography Program at 1-800-663-9203.


We are proud to bring you one of the most recent advances in diagnostic mammography: digital mammography which captures the breast image and sends a digital picture to a computer monitor. With digital mammography, the magnification, orientation, brightness, and contrast of the image can be manipulated by the radiologist to more clearly see the breast areas.

A basic diagnostic mammogram takes approximately 15-30 minutes and the results are sent to your doctor so that he or she can discuss them with you. The reports are typically available by the end of the business day.

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Diagnostic Mammography is offered at our Langley clinic


Please make an appointment for Mammography exams. Fees are charged for 'no-shows'; please provide 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment.

Patient Quote:

"Yes, the mammogram can hurt.
Nobody ever died from a Mammogram
it saved my life."

A Breast Cancer Survivor

Diagnostic Mammography can sometimes be required following a screening mammography.

The goal of diagnostic mammography is to pinpoint the exact size and location of breast abnormality and to image the surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. Sometimes additional views, ultrasound, or fine wire maybe required if the radiologist would like to focus in on a specific area, or if results are obscured, ie. high density breast tissue. The radiologist may recommend that a patient return for a follow-up mammogram, typically in six months.

Please note that patients who are recalled for additional or special views following screening mammography should not be alarmed. Abnormalities in 8 out of 10 patients that get recalled for additional views following screening are subsequently categorized as "benign" or "probably benign".


If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or suspect you might be pregnant, please check with your doctor.
If your doctor approves the mammogram always let the technologist know at the start of the visit that you are, or may be, pregnant.

For more info. about our Mammography service, please refer to:

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